The GEOSTIX is a GNSS receiver that is:

  1. Robust, for long-term resistance to particularly extreme environments such as volcanic zones (abrasive dust, concentrated corrosive gases) or marine environments (humidity and salinity).

  2. Waterproof, to withstand the elements. The GEOSTIX body is tubular to take advantage of the simplified O-ring assemblies found in plumbing and pneumatics. This guarantees a watertight seal even when there is a large pressure difference between the inside and outside of the GEOSTIX. 

  3. Precise, GNSS provides both precise geolocation down to a few millimeters and precision timestamping down to a few nanoseconds.

  4. Modular, so that researchers can focus on the essential which is sensor data. The smart electro-mechanical link between sensor layers has already been designed and validated; all that remains is to suggest ideas for new sensor layers to make them a reality. Working closely with you, we will discuss your needs, participate in the design and purchase the equipment required to develop the prototype. Thanks to the volume effect on common supplies of the various sensor layers we will be able to offer you the best prices.

  5. Connected, the GEOSTIX is able to communicate using Bluetooth, LTE, LoRa or local RF making it easy to supply sensor data locally or via the cloud.