Extend it as you want.

GEOSTIX is a high-end GNSS receiver enhanced by sensor layers

that can be superimposed thanks to a smart electro-mechanical connector.

GEOSTIX superimposed over a LTE layer


The GEOSTIX is more than just a high-end GNSS receiver. It delivers extremely accurate geolocation and precise timestamping to a whole range of sensor layers.

Need to communicate? Plug in a LTE, LoRaWAN or local RF layer.

Need to measure a specific physical quantity? Plug in an air quality measurement stage, an ultrasonic anemometer or a seismic sensor. Develop your own sensor layers, and we'll supply all the hardware and informations you need.

GEOSTIX connector

36-pin connector

The 36-pin connector on the underside of each GEOSTIX enables electronic interfacing with sensor layers while maintaining IP68 waterproofing.

Precise event timestamping, USB host or device functionalities, I2C, UART, SPI, CAN, high speed parallel data transfer protocol, all these pins and more are easily accessible.

GEOSTIX connector

Connector pins